Patios & Walkways


We offer great patio installation to mix with beautiful hardscaping and savvy plant choices.  Combine all three elements and you create perfect outdoor spaces just in time for the warm spring and summer months.

Some questions about your patio are good to think about.  Questions like which materials will you use: paving, natural stone, modular stone, or brick, to name a few?  How about pathways? Will you use aggregates or mulch or pavers?  One thing about permeable pavers and paving absorb rainfall into the ground, reducing stormwater runoffs and erosions, and recharging our groundwaters.

Patios and walks can be landscaped with permeable pavers and are often integrated with “sustainable landscapes” designs and installations.

Remember that the base is everything.  The key to permanence is the depth, the materials, and the compaction and drainage of the base underneath. Without the right depth, right materials, and the right compaction and drainage, dips form, tilting occurs, and worse

We plan your patio with you the entire way, from obtaining accurate site measurements to achieving a thorough site knowledge, a photographic portfolio, and identifying what is to be saved or enhanced, or removed.  We work with color(s) to blend or compliment or set-off the existing, shapes and textures to blend with or compliment the existing. Then we create plans and estimated costs for:

    • beautification
    • complementing surroundings and existing plantings
    • enhancing architectural features
    • adding longevity
    • cost-efficient maintenance

Afterwards we meet and review plan and revise with you each step of the way.

The Installation Process – Construction & Development Staff

  • Coordinate with the Plan
  • Project meeting(s) with Plan – Design and Construction team
  • Create integrated flow from plan to materials procurement to timed delivery on site
  • Provide the right tools and equipment
  • Customer satisfaction driven crews
  • Customer recognitions are posted immediately for all employees
  • Crews recognized for achievements on your job

Brick Walls and Walkways.

Your walkways and entryways are often the first impression of your house and your outdoor space. Keeping them safe and easy to maintain is key but you also want beauty.  Customized brickwork in walls and walkways is an excellent solution.

We can customize walls, walkways, even surrounding interior floors to make your space  the warmest place to relax, inside or out! You can use brick or concrete to build a walkway, or a façade around a fireplace.

Masonry can also be used to create custom rock walls and exterior decor.